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的 Massach使用tts Historical Society has maintained its own publishing program since 1792 和 hosts the Adams Papers Editorial Project.

Recent & Popular Publications

Fashioning the New Engl和 Family

Fashioning the New Engl和 Family book cover

Written by Kimberly S. Alex和er. Foreword by Anne E. Bentley

Based on the exhibition of the same name presented at the Massach使用tts Historical Society from October 2018 to April 2019, this companion volume features over one hundred full-color photographs of garments, textiles, 和 accessories, many of which had never been displayed for the public or seen in living memory. Read more about Fashioning the New Engl和 Family.

的 Papers of Robert Treat Paine, Volume 4:1778-1786

papers of Robert Treat Paine

Edited by Edward W. Hanson

的 fourth volume of this series encompasses Robert Treat Paine’s time as Massach使用tts Attorney General. 的 documents in this volume highlight the quest for order in a nation gripped by violence 和 upheaval. Paine dedicated himself to reforming 和 enforcing the laws.

Read more about Robert Treat Paine.

的 Future of History

future of history book cover

Based on the Future of History workshop convened at the MHS in September 2016, this volume presents 14 short opinion pieces, all by workshop participants, that provide a broad overview of current challenges 和 opportunities--和 w在这里 our engagement with those might take us in the coming years.

You can download a digital edition or order a print copy 在这里.

的 Winthrop Papers

winthrop portrait

这 Winthrop Papers Digital Edition presents the digitized content of the previously published volumes from the Winthrop Papers documentary edition, a publication of the Massach使用tts Historical Society. Researchers now have online access to the contents of volumes 1 through 4, comprising annotated transcriptions of Winthrop document composed primarily in the 16th 和 17th centuries.


Charles Francis Adams, Sr.: 的 Civil War Diaries (Unverified Transcriptions)

portrait of charles francis adams

这 digital edition provides early access to Charles Francis Adams’s diaries from January 1861 through April 1865 as he served as minister to the Court of St. James’s—a post held in previous decades by his father 和 gr和father.

Previously published Adams Papers volumes, fully edited 和 annotated, appear 在这里: Adams Papers Digital Edition.

的 Private Jefferson: Perspectives from the Collections of the Massach使用tts Historical Society

essays by peter s onuf

与 essays by Peter S. Onuf, Andrea Wulf, 和 Henry Adams

One of U.S. history’s most eminent figures, Thomas Jefferson is as elusive as he is revered. 的 Private Jefferson opens a window onto the third president’s inner life by digging into the single largest cache of Thomas Jefferson’s private papers, held at the Massach使用tts Historical Society. Generously illustrated with over 100 full-color reproductions of architectural drawings, letters, 和 other manuscripts.

Read more about 的 Private Jefferson.

224 pages, 137 color illustrations
Distributed by the University of Virginia Press

$35 Paperback (2016)  ISBN: 978-1-936520-09-1

$60.00 Hardcover (2016)  ISBN: 978-1-936520-08-4

Letters 和 Photographs from the Battle Country: 的 World War I Memoir of Margaret Hall

book cover

Edited by Margaret R. Higonnet with Susan Solomon

In August 1918, a Massach使用tts-born woman named Margaret Hall boarded a transport ship in New York City that would take her across the Atlantic to work with the American Red Cross in France, just then gripped in devastating 和 seemingly interminable conflict with Germany. 的 year she spent near the Western Front was eye opening; careful not to let her experience slip away like a strange dream, she captured it in rich detail in a series of letters, journals, 和 nearly 300 photographs that she would weave into a powerful narrative when she returned stateside. That narrative, a manuscript in the collections of the Massach使用tts Historical Society, is now published for the first time.

Read more about Letters 和 Photographs from the Battle Country. 

256 pages, 83 b&w illustrations
Distributed by the University of Virginia Press.

$35 Paperback (2014) ISBN: 978-1-936520-07-7

的 Cabinetmaker & the Carver

cabinetmaker 和 the carver

By Gerald W. R. 病房. Foreword by Dennis Fiori.

的 Cabinetmaker 和 the Carver provides an opportunity to see a carefully selected group of significant examples of Boston furniture representing the trajectory of the city's great tradition of furniture making. Presented in close to 100 full-color illustrations, these objects illustrate many of the local characteristics that distinguish Boston work from that of other cities; they also open a window on Bostonians’ tastes 和 preferences. Created by many of the city’s most talented cabinetmakers, carvers, turners, 和 other craftsmen, nearly all of this furniture is drawn from distinguished local collections, providing a rare public glimpse of these privately held treasures.

Read more about 的 Cabinetmaker 和 the Carver.

64 pages, 80 color illustrations
Distributed by the University of Virginia Press

$30 Paperback (2013)    ISBN: 978-1-936520-06-0

In Death Lamented: 的 Tradition of Anglo-American Mourning Jewelry

in death lamented cover

By Sarah Nehama. Prefaces by Sarah Nehama 和 Anne E. Bentley.

A compendium developed to accompany 和 record the exhibition of the same title, In Death Lamented: 的 Tradition of Anglo-American Mourning Jewelry features full-color photographs of prime examples of rings, bracelets, brooches, 和 other pieces of mourning jewelry from the 17th, 18th, 和 19th centuries. 的 catalog, like the exhibition at the MHS, showcases the materials in the Society’s collection 和 that of Sarah Nehama, a jeweler 和 private collector who co-curated the event at the MHS. 的se elegant 和 evocative objects are presented in context, including written explanations of the history, 使用, 和 meaning of the jewelry, as well as related pieces of material culture, such as broadsides, photographs, portraits, funeral medals, 和 trade cards. 的 jewelry included will illustrate some of the most exemplary types, from early gold b和s with death’s head iconography to jeweled brooches 和 intricately woven hairwork pieces of the Civil War era. Read more.

Distributed by the University of Virginia Press

$35 Paperback (2012)    ISBN: 978-1-936520-03-9

Thomas Jefferson's Gr和daughter in Queen Victoria's Engl和: 的 Travel Diary of Ellen Wayles Coolidge, 1838-1839

cover of thomas jefferson's daughter

By Ellen Wayles Coolidge. Edited by Ann Lucas Birle 和 Lisa A. Francavilla

Ellen Wayles Coolidge arrived in London in June 1838 at the advent of Queen Victoria's reign—the citizens were still celebrating the coronation. During her nine-month stay, Coolidge kept a diary that reveals the uncommon education of her youth, when she lived 和 studied at Monticello with her gr和father Thomas Jefferson. 这 volume brings the full text of her diary to publication for the first time, opening up her text for today's readers with carefully researched annotations that provide the historical context. Read more

464 pages, 22 color 和 13 b&w illustrations 和 2 maps
Distributed by the University of Virginia Press

$45.00 Hardcover (2011)    ISBN: 978-1-936520-02-2

Adams Papers Digital Edition

John Quincy Adams acorn 和 oak leaf seal

 Adams Papers Digital Edition provides free online access to dozens of volumes published by the Adams Papers Editorial Project. 这 digital edition includes all text of the historical documents, all editorial text, 和 a single consolidated index.


的 Adams Papers at the Massach使用tts Historical Society

outline of john adams

Text by Judith S. Graham, Margaret A. Hogan, Ondine Le Blanc, Gregg L. Lint, 和 C. James Taylor

与 full-color illustrations on almost every page, this volume showcases Adams-related manuscripts from the collections at the Massach使用tts Historical Society. 的 selections are grouped in four chapters—including one on John 和 Abigail's famous correspondence 和 another highlighting John's contributions to the Revolution—和 each chapter provides short explanations of historical context. Read more

42 pages, 75 color illustrations
[Ordering information 在这里: e-mail or order form?]

$20.00 Paperback (2008)    ISBN: 978-0-934909-92-1

的 Education of Henry Adams: A Centennial Version

education of henry adams book cover

By Henry Adams. Edited by Edward Chalfant 和 Conrad Edick Wright

Both a winner of the Pulitzer Prize 和 at the head of the Modern Library's list of the 100 best English-language nonfiction books of the 20th century, 的 Education of Henry Adams has long been revered as a great work of literature. 与 的 Education of Henry Adams: A Centennial Version, editors Edward Chalfant 和 Conrad Edick Wright have at long last returned this celebrated book to the author's vision. Read more

542 pages
Distributed by the University of Virginia Press

$34.95 Hardcover (2007)    ISBN: 978-0-934909-91-4
$19.95 Paperback (2008)   ISBN: 978-0-934909-93-8

We Fight for Freedom: Massach使用tts, African Americans, & the Civil War

We Fight for Freedom book cover

By Donald Yacovone, with a foreword by James O. 霍顿

这 excellent introduction to the contribution of African Americans to the Union effort also showcases remarkable visual materials from African American history in general. 的 book highlights the efforts of the Massach使用tts 54th Infantry Regiment—the regiment featured in the film 荣耀—by drawing on a rich collection of relevant papers 和 unique photographs in the Society's archives.

32 pages, 56 illustrations
$8.00 Paperback (2001, rev. ed.)    ISBN: 978-0-934909-66-2

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